First realistic plant render

I’ve never been good at texturing, but I wanted to try to get somewhat decent at plants so I can add them into my architecture shots (:


Looks really nice. Could try looking into subsurface scattering. Good UV mapping and normals…

Not sure what tutorial you watched, but I love this one for creating modular plants…really useful and well done tutorial.

Thank you so much! I’ve had a hard time finding a good tutorial, so I’ll take a look!

One of the things that takes a bit more tweaking is making sure the veins in your leaf don’t go all the way to the edge…it’s definitely faster to UV map a leaf texture that goes all the way to the outside…so if you want to make it more realistic, you’ll have to tweak a bit more. I think most leaves don’t have the vein go all the way to the edge. They taper off before the edge…

That’s true… Idk exactly how I’d go about doing that, but that’s a good point, thanks!