First release of Verge3D, a Blender to WebGL add-on

Verge3D is a new platform that leverages Blender for creating interactive web apps. Integrating the already-powerful Three.js engine and the glTF exporter, Verge3D enables you to create models, scenes and entire 3d web applications for your online projects.
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See also is this detailed Verge3D overview by Will Welker:


it looks like it uses something like the snap programming language.

great news ,the new generation web3d solution comes.

Competition for Blend4Web? Verge3D is a bit costly, though. The snap code editor is still rather rough around the edges compared to similar 2d ones.

Look promising, but way too expensive compared to the competition, in my opinion. It’s a hard sell with Unity (free web export), Godot v3 (free web export), and others.

The logic editor Puzzles is based on Google Blockly. This is commonly used in education to teach coding concepts to kids (including MITs well known Scratch application), so it’s likely to be easy to understand for 3D artists.

After B4W founders were forced to quit, and several keys developers followed them, it it safe to say that Verge3D is rather an upgrade than a competitor to Blend4Web. Regarding costs, license prices start from just $190 (black friday) / $290 (normally). Compare with B4W’s $990 per developer + $290 for each developed application.

I think $190 for Verge3D Personal is quite decent price, considering that you get access to powerful 3D engine, Puzzles logic editor, a web hosting (Verge3D Network) and 10GB of free storage in the cloud for your apps.