First Render in Blender

Here is my first render using blender. Ive used other sketchup plugins (twilight) but just got into blender. Ive spent a lot of time watching videos (blender guru and creative shrimp). The house is by Beving Architecture and is for a client. The only problem is getting clients to pay up for an architectural rendering. Let me know what needs to be improved upon.


I’m curious to know how to make client to pay up for the render? What do they expect for in the render effect? Photo realistic?

Anyway this is a very good work!:ba:

Looks great. Good work.

The image looks great, no question there.
And granted I don’t know your client or the purpose of the image, but if this is supposed to be architectural visualisation, then the image looks way to “stylized” to me. In visualisation you would normaly focus on presenting how the house is gonna look to the client. That means.
In your image half of the picture is the grass foreground covering good portion of the house, the camera is very low (usually it would be around human’s height) and there is lot of crap and smudges flying in the air… And the bright bicycle and car take a lot of attention from the house. Basically you did all you could to take attention away from the house…
Sooo, In my opinion this is a great image, but a poor visualisation…

How much of this is post production?

Can you show the raw render?

Thanks for the comments. Here is the raw render but I can get over that if I have to. I don’t like the crisp clean look of all the architectural renderings. In the industry you never take exterior pictures of the building until after about 3-4 years. They never look good. You have to have time to let the materials have a little bit of weathering. I will agree that it there is too much “crap” in the air. These are always hard to do because there are 2 homes right next to this on either side that just look like crap. So then I’m stuck modeling crappy buildings and its hard to get into it and find a good angle. Ideally this would be a very short animation but I’m stuck doing this on my laptop.
Unfortunately I was only paid to model it in sketchup and I did this to try to get some work out of the owner. I guess they didn’t take the bate. I would guess I would charge about $800 per view but I never get very many clients. I don’t do this for a living, I just do it for fun and its by word of mouth. My main work is design, project management and construction. Keep in mind the architectural industry does not pay very much. Thats why I’m leaning towards construction.


  1. Forget cinematic color grading for archviz. That is a very bad trend; archviz is about representing carefully selected materials, too.
  2. Focus on the building, that is what you have to present. Remove all disturbing stuff, in this case the bicycle. leaves.
  3. Present as the customer will see the house. Put camera on 1.70 metres, if you present single image; you could use various viewing angles (even extreme ones) if dozens of images required.
  4. Sky with nice clouds, not whitish burnt out stuff.

Overall it is a nice render, just not archviz render.