First Render

Hello folks!
I’m a new member in this forum and I spent some days just looking some works, so now i think i’m ready to show my noob arts and decided to post here my first render and the one i’m working right now…
I’m still having some problems to learn well about texturing, maybe if you guys have any good tutorial about it to help me i would apreciate it a lot.
>> Sorry for my english <<

In case of anyone doesn’t understand my incomplete render, i intend to make something like a house made of pipes, well i’ll let my mind work on it :slight_smile:

Looks good so far.
Just curious, did you use a curve for pipes or are they meshes?

I used meshes =]
I really don’t know how to use curves, never tried… (rsrs feeling so noob)

Baah :no:
I really need some texture tutorial, having troubles yet, so i’ll keep rendering in black and white…

how do you want to make your textures only materials or do you want to use one texture for one house (UV mapping)

if you want to use different textures then try to add different materials to your mesh first you can add a texture to them later^^

PS: which version do you use?

Actually i’m using 2.5 version

Huumm, about the textures I want to make only materials in this work so I could learn better about it :rolleyes:
I would like to apply some rust in those pipes under the ground and i’m also having troubles trying to apply a nice wood texture in the barrels…
But i’ll keep trying and see what i can do with your hint!
Thank you!! :wink:

i asked about the version because now i can help you with multiple materials.
(object mode first):o
go to the material settings (a ball) on the right and hit the plus next to list of materials
now the standart material is there 2 times… now klick on the + below to add a coppy of the material ^^ -> Material.001
change the color to what ever and now go to the edit mode and select the faces which should have the new material and press assign ^^
that’s it :wink:

you can also import material and select them in the list below the materials :wink:

PS: some nice materials can you find here:

@Blackcat Thank you man!! helped me a lot =]
Well i’m trying hard to make a nice texture, that’s what i could do untill now…

Thanks again for the feedback, i’ll keep posting news about my project ^^

Updating…I’m starting to run out of ideas :spin:
Any critiques, suggestions, maybe praises ?

I would make the pipes in different colors and add some gras ^^

Well, your textures are bad, and not everything is textured so…
And i cant really help you there, cuz i am bad at texturing myself…

Good luck though.

@Blackcat man… i’m thinking about the pipes too but about the grass for now i don’t think so…
@DDD I’ll try to change the colors, i guess i can do a better job!

Thank you all and i’ll reply my next changes soon…!!

Well there’s been a while since i post any news here, i tried A LOT to improve the textures but it is really hard, so i decided to remove it and finish the modeling first, when it’s done i’ll keep on trying texture it.:yes:

My advice for texturing woud be to take an image ( has a lot) and use that as your texture.

Well this is looking pretty good for your first model. Your keeping the feel of the pipes which is cool. As for the textures, don’t fret to much on em till you finish modelling, otherwise you’ll get side-tracked and never finish the model itself! (and I know that from experience).
If you’re looking for quick, procedural textures (what it looks like you were doing) you can go to blender’s material repository and use one of those as a base. From there just tweak colors and scale, maybe add something that you think is missing.
Keep up the good work :wink:

@Pirateman Thanks dude, i’ll check it for sure :wink:

@QS Dragon Thanks you too drag, I took your advice, finishing the modelling first and i’ll post my progress with the textures later. I’ll check the link too when i start texturing for sure it’s going to be very helpfull.
so here it is what i’ve done so far:

There’s been a long time since my last post here, just came to show my finished render (yeah there’s no texture)

Awesome model, it looks like a ton of fun to texture (I’m jealous)! Look forward to seeing what you do with it.