First Render

Hello to everyone. I’m a new member and I just finished my first render in a long time. I would really appreciate some input on this render. Thanks in advance.

Looks great, but I’m pretty sure the emblem is upside down. (ie, the head would be right side up with the tip of the sword pointing up.)

Yep, I’ve noticed it too, the emblem is upside down, but the model is pretty cool overall, you should make a scenario.

Thanks. Its still a work in progress, I’ll fix the emblem for the final render.

Hey, it’s strictly up to you what’s “right side up” or down. :slight_smile:

Given that the image is on a sword that’s going to be displayed this way, why should the audience have to turn their heads upside down to see the cat-image? “Meh!” Leave it just like it is. It has great impact just as it is, which would be completely lost if the cat were inverted.

This is a very nice render. Clean, well composed, no blown-out or dark spots, good metal texture. Ditto the ground-plane, which looks plausible. What’s not to love?