First room render, requesting critique


I want to get into architecture, specifically rendering rooms and scenes for company’s for pay. I have a few accounts on freelance websites, but i haven’t taken on any assignments yet because i’m not sure of my overall skills and i don’t want to fail my first project.


The first picture is real and the second picture is Blender. if you were a company would you consider hiring my based on this picture? (note* many items are missing such as the plants the picture frame and the items on the smaller desk but for the sake of critique assume they are present) <-- based on that how much would you be willing to pay me for say 5 rooms/office space concepts rendered like this complete with walk through’s - $30 - $100 - $250?

I will post more pictures of this scene as i gather feedback and suggestions on what to do. The first thing I know i have to do is make the lights more intense to match the picture, but the camera i used captures intense looking light but in person the lights look much closer to the blender render. Also i need to add some sort of light falloff node since the light on the ground is too intense.

I am not an expert by any means, but if you want to work in archiviz, look at an Ikea catalogue. If you can get to that standard, you are ready.

Cool I will give that a try! Is the catalog all CGI? Ill grab a book and get to work.

I think that adding some more objects like the image has will help. Also some kind of slight overall light it has a very high contrast currently.

thanks I shall try that out tonight.
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How should I add overall light, should I add an emission plane near the ceiling?

I would suggest a very low emission, but very large plane behind the camera also turn up the shadow softness and a small increase in the lamps’ brightness.

how is it now?