First scene, 2d 3d

some scene i made yesterday for a short animation movie that i,v been working on for some time

just want to share this with you

blender + krita


@alf0 This is wonderful, mate! Well done!

thank you :slight_smile:

Love the mood and lighting and stylisation.

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@itzae @yogyog
thank you so much for the feedback :slight_smile:

This is so beautiful man … when you are gonna show us the short movie ?

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thank you so much,
i am still working on it , may be a month or 2 to finish it
the ost,s are what going to take most of the time , but once i am done ill post it here

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ok making some updates
so as i posted the first scene, i mentioned that i am working on a short 2d animation using blender
and now i am making an update

i have to say its really hard to work alone so yeah processing will be too slow
specially that i am working on 2 projects, this one i call it “the sick girl” and a nother one that i call “the sacrifice sacrifice” which i havent decided if this will be it name permanently,

thy were going to be 3 animation project " i know i sound greedy " but i canceld the last one because its more complex and i wanted to see how things will go, and what method will i use best,

so i ended up with only 2

now this is the first 1/4 of the animation,

the 2nd animation i, will post some updates soon about it,
this is a render of the first scene of it

but for now if you have any questions regarding anything about the animation, or anything else, just leave a comment below

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so i wanted t upload a videw of the first scenes of my 2nd animation, " which i didnt decide its name yet "
but i got Delayed, and i couldnt edite it ,
so her are some renders of the short silent series

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ok as i just finished editing the first scenes of the short silent series

this is where i reached so far

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the final thing i did
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ok this is not the best thing i ever made,
i had this idea flying on my mind for some time ,

if you are sow my latest project youll notes that this was a project of a formal scene i did that i call it !!! dirk riders

i made this scene using blender + krita

you can watch the short on YOUTUBE

if you have any question just leav a comment


This doesn’t look like it was made with blender
Btw I love it <3

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to be honest… it is actually :slight_smile:
i my self cant belive that i did this, i couldv done it in any other animated softwear, but because its easy to control how the camera works and the power of blender compositer, i continued using it !!!

i creatid the keyframes on krita and animated thim on blender as an alpha ping sequince !! on a plane

i should added some processes scenes with the original post
but her it is !!!

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Well done.

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thank you :slight_smile: