First Sculpt (Critiques) - [WIP]


(Para) #1

Hiya there!

I’ve been looking at some amazing character models here on BA and I’ve always wondered how people get such detailed results. I’ve done vertex and box modeling in the past, so I wanted to try my hand at sculpting. Anyways, I just wanted to share my progress as I fail at sculpting a character :laughing:!

It would be really appreciated if someone had tips on sculpting techniques in general and on defining anatomy. As always, critiques are welcome! Thanks BA :wink:.

:sparkling_heart: Para

(yakuzakazuya) #2

Looking impressive as a first attempt, you’ll get better in no time. I am learning blender sculpting as well. My general advice is simple. Learn from life. Copy actual people, even if only from photographs. And I do mean copy, try to be a photocopy machine. With enough practice then you can sculpt from pure imagination more easily and convincingly. Happy sculpting!