First Sculpt (Critiques) - [WIP]

Hiya there!

I’ve been looking at some amazing character models here on BA and I’ve always wondered how people get such detailed results. I’ve done vertex and box modeling in the past, so I wanted to try my hand at sculpting. Anyways, I just wanted to share my progress as I fail at sculpting a character :laughing:!

It would be really appreciated if someone had tips on sculpting techniques in general and on defining anatomy. As always, critiques are welcome! Thanks BA :wink:.

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Looking impressive as a first attempt, you’ll get better in no time. I am learning blender sculpting as well. My general advice is simple. Learn from life. Copy actual people, even if only from photographs. And I do mean copy, try to be a photocopy machine. With enough practice then you can sculpt from pure imagination more easily and convincingly. Happy sculpting!


yes I agree with Yakuzakazuya real life is always best or photos and there is one YouTube channel that I have found that is really good in teaching anatomy however anatomy is a lot to learn this guy the Drawing Database has a lot of great videos for learning the anatomy however learning anatomy to be able to create characters at a extremely high level takes years so be patient, unlike me. lol

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Haha I know what you mean about patience. I try to learn anatomy every now and then but my passion is just to start sculpting right away. I do try to memorize general muscles shapes and important bony landmarks and have good references ready.

Post more sculpts! I will give comments if I think it could help you further. Happy sculpting.

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For your first attempt this is amazing, I tried sculpting and everything looks like a potato, wacom tab is not for me sadly. keep it up i look forward to seeing more :smiley:

Looks like a good start to me. And there’s some really good advice given above also.

As I’m also wanting to learn this art, I’m just curious as to why every limb is created separately. I assume it’s done in order to pose the character without using a armature setup?

I’ll follow your progress closely. :wink:

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