First sculpt ever

I Should have gotten into sculpting ages ago. Was always hella daunted cause i cant draw. But this is fun af!
Heres my first try. Any tips?

Nose looks weird from the side angle and those dents on cheeks looks too deep.
However the eyes and mouth looks quite promising and face itself looks pretty good.

Propotions of the skull is a lot off though. Forehead looks huge and from the side view it looks also too wide.
I think you should also drop your jaw bones downwards quite a bit.

All in all it’s a promising start.
I’m working on my first human head atm also, and neat tip that I got was that you can try to download a skull object and place it in middle of your mesh to check the propotions.

Damnit you are right! will work on it more.

Or just use references. If you wanted some good references you could ask Tonatiuh once he comes around for some good hand drawn references. He got me female ones.

One “problem” I see is that you started adding detail before finishing the main shapes, so now it will be difficult if you decide to do large changes. One thing to remember is to always do big changes first and detail last.

But it’s great for a first sculpt, mine looked much worse. And if you’re having fun it’s all good. I’m also having so much fund with sculpting, it’s incredible. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely look for more reference.

Dont nut mean to dismiss how much hard work goes into creating a decent sculpt, but compared to drawing, this is easy.

here I come! hahaha well, you are on the good track! now, just stop, get some good references! and look hard to them!
Really! look very hard! Then if you do that I will make paint overs, or gimps Iwrap, or whatever you need.
But first I have to see your references! they can look like this: Reference wall you can make one easy looking for Hi-quality photos in google, search for BIG photos. In my human proportions thread, you can finde some PixelPete great advises! he is a master!