First sculpt of man figure

Hello. I’ve learned anatomy and this is my first project where I put my knowledge at work. I’m going to learn a lot with this model: texturing, hear, clothes, rendering and right now I need to know what I can improve in this stage. I need critique very much.


Hi! Very nice! What reference did you use? I think you should check the thorax and abdominal anatomy, the pectorals seems too narrow in proportion. Check also the and size of the head, it could be a bit too big, but I’m not sure. Ankles seems a bit thick to me also. Depending on your goal these points could be important or just nit picks. I really like the details of the knees and hands. :+1:

I’ve used Scott Eaton courses. Thanks for your reply and encouragement. Yes, now I see that pectorals are a bit narrow and ankles are thick. Head seem all right.

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Hello! maybe you are doing or that anatomy but you are not looking for proportions, or for harmony or for gesture… your sculpt looks really blocky and has no realistic feeling.
An example is the knee, it has a lot of detail but the proportions and the silhouette are not good.
Anyhow if this is your first try, you are doing great!
Keep it up!

Thanks for your advice. I try to use it in my newer sculptures. If it is interesting check out my second sculpture of golf player, please))
Second sculpture