First sculpture

Hey guys, I’ve only been working on sculpting since yesterday when my draw pad arrived. I know this doesn’t look really good, but I just want to know if I’m getting somewhere with sculpting. For only sculpting for a few days, this at least has to be good progress.


Looks allright, I don’t know if you are aiming for realism or cartoon though. That would make a big difference. I would suggest trying to sculpt a monster first, than we can compliment you on your creativity!

hi, nice so far…
Tip: use a photo as a background so you can compare the face parts better :wink:

Hey thanks guys, I do use a photo, just not in the same background, I have it set up in the UV/Image area. But this is my first time sculpting, and I’m still getting used to sculpting out the features.

Lets just say this is the first time I’ve ever sculpted anything, I haven’t even done clay sculpting, so I’ll need more practice. Using the Mastering Blender book though, so I’m hoping with more practice I can get better.

why don’t you put it in the background? (funktion: show background image )

i never used the sculping function, so i’ll watch your project to get ideas :wink:

Hey guys, I deleted and recreated it for practice sakes and I do believe this looks much better. I’m still trying to get a feel for the features around the eyes and once I get that down I’ll move up to wrinkles on the forehead. The mouth still needs to be finished, but this is what I got done so far and I’m going to take a break, delete this one and start from scratch again.


yea it looks better now… i think a bit like a angry killer baby :spin: just fun

Sup guys, I’ve been off and on with my sculpting due to life and other projects, but I was able to sit down and finally finish a sculpt without trashing it. It’s not the best looking thing, but I’m glad I’m able to get this far and have ambition to get further.


it look pretty good. but i think you are relying too much on the sculpt tool. imo you should do most of the modeling using cuts and extrudes and make sure the topology is right before you start to sculpt.

O.o? I don’t think you get the point of sculpting then… Well at first I did size the canvas to fit the head, but that’s all you need to do, and to be honest, sculpting (if done right or you have a lot of practice in it) can be done quicker and with much more detail…

But as far as the topology goes, you’re supposed to re-topo afterwords. Your way may be more suitable for yourself, and that’s ok, but I prefer a different way in which I believe will give me greater detail. Besides the topology of this, after retopo it’ll look like if not better then when you box-model or point-to-point model + a hi-res model to bake with that will show all the features. In a professional stand point, I believe this to be the better end of modeling.

lol, fail… i’ve worked at about a dozen studios, including framestore, and no professional i know, and i know quite a few, uses sculpt the way you have… so you claim to be a pro? and claim that i don’t know what sculpt is for… your funny, you make me laugh.

Please note that I have not said any of the above. I’ll point it out for you

I said

O.o? I don’t think you get the point of sculpting then…

I did not imply that I’m a pro and that you didn’t know what sculpt is for, I just merely implied you did not get the point of sculpting.

Sculpting is an art form used with clay material to create dynamic and highly detailed objects, in and out of the 3d world. Even though comparing real-world sculpting to 3d sculpting is technically not comparable, their analogies are the same in practical terms.

You may know some professionals, but you don’t know ALL professionals, and I doubt you’ve worked in game industry, but then again I’m only assuming on my part. I’ve did my homework and I’ve came to a conclusion that all major game studios… definitely BioWare, uses the full advantage of sculpting. I am merely following my piers and have the same ideas on character modeling.

I believe sculpting is a more natural way of creating organic objects and quiet frankly I think it’s the quickest and most fun way of doing it. Now, if you and other people find it better to model everything out first by manipulating vertices and then adding in sculpted features then go right ahead. I may even try it myself to see if I it may be a better fit for me, but that was not the point this thread was supposed to make. I admire your ‘advice’ and take it with full-heart but what I feel is more comfortable is not the same for you, and you should not pressure me into your way.


lol you should definatly stop ass.uminng you make yourself into an idiot… about 12 of my many years was in the games industry… but don’t get me wrong i dont give a @@@@ how you do it, i’m just telling you how the pros really do it… the only reason you’ve got this ammount of attention from me is i dont let noobs, who haven’t got a clue, talk to me the way you have… enjoy you modeling struggles…muppet

Spoken like a true pro ey? wow, 12 years and you’re here? Don’t get me wrong, blender is a really kickass program to use, but in 12 years you should have better things to do no? In 12 years you should know that people have their own way of doing things no? In 12 years, you should know that CHANGE is about. 12 years ago they didn’t have hi-res sculpting so I can understand where you are coming from, but you are the epithy of ignorance my friend. 12 years of all this experiance and yet you have to curse in order for you to get your point about. You’re right, you are a pro… but NOT a professional. Professionals are not egotistical like you my friend, just becuase you may be better then me, does NOT give you the right to post on MY THREAD the way you do and to walk over my methods to create ART (in case you didn’t get it, the keyword here is ART).

But hey you know what makes me win in all of this, 12 years and ignorant of different methods of art and 3d modeling. No wonder why you have to bash on someone like me, so you can feel better about yourself because you have went NO WHERE. So please… Do not post on my thread again if you have the slightest thread of humility.

lol again… i think any fair reader of this thread will read my first post and see that i was trying to help you not bash you… as for my career, you’re really showing your true colours in personally attacking me… but fyi, i work with blender because i support the project and i actually think blender is better than a lot of commercial software, particularly max… as for why i don’t animate professionally anymore, after i sold the shares in my studio i went traveling for a couple of years… when i returned i decided to do something different and worthwhile, so i’m currently studying law at one of the top universities in england, specializing in human rights law… oh and i’ve still many friends in the industry and would have no problem getting a job but i doubt i ever will’ unless i need the money… but like i said, i dont care whether you take my advice or not, i could list the technical reasons why its better but i wont bother, youve made up your minf…what thee is of it…however i woild be interested tp see where your getting these ideas from, have you actually done your homework or are ypi guessing?

Dude, your first post is fine and did not take it as an insult at all, but it’s when you came back at me saying that I accused myself as a pro and you knew nothing of sculpting. You started bashing me at this point and kept avoiding when I say that you can do modeling multiple ways. You have called me a noob, twisted my words, cursed me out, and all of that because I believe sculpting is a better form of modeling. Have I showed my true colors? No, I’m only exposing yours. As I said before I take your ‘advice’ with full-heart, but you need to learn to control yourself and understand what I’m saying to you. I don’t care how long you’ve been in the industry, I will do the things that were taught to me (that was believed by myself to be the best way). Not everyone is going to model like everyone else in the world. Besides that fact I’ve learned sculpting techniques from ‘Mastering Blender’ by Tony Mullen who teaches in Tokyo, Japan. I will learn and do whatever it takes to make my imagination come true and filled with life.

So I will ask you again, please stop posting on my thread.


I dIdn’t need need to twIst your words. I offered you some frIendly advIce and you saId,

“I don’t think you get the point of sculpting then…”


“In a professional stand point, I believe this to be the better end of modeling.”

I don’t take beIng spoken to lIke that from anyone, least of all someone wIth your level of experIence.

now, unless you contInue thIs I won’t gIve you any more advIce, but be sure, I’ll be watchIng your progress.

Good luck, you’re gonna need It…

Well you truly didn’t understand what I mean then. I said that because you can’t start out with a pre made item when you sculpt in the real-world, you start out with a very rough shape of the object and start cutting it down.

And ‘In a professional stand point’ is not entailing all professionals in the industry, this is merely my opinion from a professional outlook. I may not be a professional in 3d arts, but you could say I’m a professional ‘learner’, I’m very good at it and in my opinion, it seems that sculpting is the best tool for organic modeling… I can have my own opinions correct?

Lets be mature here shall we? I’m looking at the bigger picture here when it comes to sculpting. No matter what I do, either start out with a face or sculpt it first, if it’s hi-res, then I’m going to have to retopo it then so I can bake the hi-res as a normal map to the low-res, so in essence the topology on start doesn’t matter at all. Correct? Or am I wrong?

Wow, as much as you guys need to take your bickering somewhere else, I think a good question is raised here: the question of where sculpt mode becomes useful. Chaos Theory is clearly a follower of the Tony Mullen school or organic modeling, and while I tried that approach, and it makes it easy to create models that look and feel organic, I found that it was hard to control the more precise attributes of the model, and it took more work to flesh out the basic shape. I would be interested in hearing arguments about which is faster and more accurate, as organic modeling is admittedly one of my bigger weak points.

I’m not sayIng you have to have a very detaIled model before you sculpt but Imo you need to have at least a cage model for two Important reasons,

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