First Serious attempt for cartoon-Style Character

Hello, this is my first serious attempt for a Character from Scratch.
I started with box-modeling.
Now I’m going to rig it with Rigify.
Still the geometry has a lot of flaws.

Now I’m looking forward for any comments.:eek:

Here is a front- and side- view:

Hello maddes I appreciated the comment on my w.i.p, I was looking to give you alittle help on your first cartoon model

<-- i found a image that can stir you in the right direction on constructing the face, will you also be making a face rig too?

Well, one of the ways to learn about the importance of good geometry is to rig a character that doesn’t have it. One small suggestion, though: take a look at your model with subsurf turned off, and fix any places where vertices are underneath or pushed past other vertices. Not saying you’ll find any like that, but you certainly might. That kind of thing seriously messes with rigify’s automatic weight painting.

I encourage your experimentation with Blender’s features, but don’t spend too much time trying to fix things. Learn what you can, then begin a new model with your increased knowledge.

good first attempt…a couple of suggestions on the general form of it: the neck looks a bit stringy and long, and doesn’t seem to fit the style of the rest of it. the arms should not be thicker than the neck, imo. also, the top of the head is a bit pointy.
(edit) @3DArtNinja: really great edge loops on the example pic.
(edit) also…when doing a simple character, this can be a good workflow:

  1. set up your character using subsurfaced primitives, so you can easily adjust the position of a single part like a hand or arm.
  2. once you have it the way you like it, build a new mesh on top of it using the retopology tools. when extruding an arm or something, it may not be necessary to use retopology, but it’s nice especially for making the head.
    (edit) here’s an example of one I made in this way. I am not trying to hijack your thread with my images, btw, just want to be clear what I am talking about…
    (edit) also, when retopologizing, be sure to plan your edge loops so that the desired contours can be easily modeled in by just adjusting a few vertexes, such as in the eyebrow and eye socket region of my alien