First serious render - critique appreciated

I modeled this from a reference a little while ago and, as the title states, it was my first major project in Blender. I know it could use some smoothing in a few areas and the emit lighting isn’t all that great but I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt.

Any and all critique, advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Necrons and especially the Monolith life from a dark heavy mood and the green glow.

set the green material to a darker green and to emit with 1.0
Use Ambient Occlusion set to multiply.
Use no or very very low envronment Lighting (0.01)
Use indirect lighting with one bounce (should suffice)
set gather to approcimate with 1 pass.

If you want a directional shadow, add a sunlight with 0.005 for instance or 0.01
play with the settings.

This way your render get´s a lot more mood and represents the unholy “aura” that Necrons have.

Should look something like this then:

Im not sure what the black material is but if its metal you should put the spec up with the hardness turned up a lot. Also if you give it some reflectivity (about 0.1 with 0.95 gloss). You could also add some scratches to it using bump map but im not sure what kind of look your going for.