First Snow, (was End of Day)

I have finished this scene and would like some constructive comments. Full size image is here,


nice it just looks a little pixley on the edges…still much better then what I can do

wow very good…

the main thing i’d work on would be the snow - it looks too flat. so work on that texture and then look for a way to make the edges of the snow maybe more random and gradual rather than the immediate cut-off.

This is very very nice! :slight_smile:

There are some things you may change:

  • the shadow at the left, under the streetlight, it’s very hard and could be smoothed.
  • if you’re heading for a more realistic look: the snow looks way to clean, there should be more dirt in it! Even if it’s first snow, on your picture the snow has already been moved to the side of the road and streets are dirty :wink: