First stab at Architecture

This is my first try doing anything architectural. It’s based on a deli my friend works at. If it ends up decent enough, they might use the image in some promotional material. I have the basic shape of the building down, now for adding in all the details.


I added a few more details, and began to block in the buildings around it. Going to model them tomorrow.


It’ss be interesting to see where/how this goes. Creating realistic scenes in Blender is almost always harder than creating fictional/abstract ones, since people know what to expect and compare it to. Looking good so far!

I’m finding it inspiring to recognise an
artist who’s working on similar projects
to me.

I’m keen to initiate and manage collaborative
work within the community, and would love
to help elevate this model to a film quality set!

“Happy Blending…”


Ok, I think I’m done with the basic modeling and I’m ready to move on to texturing and the smaller details.