[First steps] Batery Problems

Hi there! I’ve just started to learn blender ( which I know since a few years ago, but never learned very well… now I’m waiting for the 2.3x guide :wink: ), and trying to gain some skill , I’ve tried to model a batery.

That is the poor result :


Even is the model is not that bad ( Hey, I’ve just started :expressionless: ), I have lot of problems trying to get the texture work.

The texture is the following :


As you can see, there are some errors in the lower part of the left batery ( the barcode is visibile in the inner part of the batery, and not only in the surface ).

Even more, I’ve used the Toon shader to gain better looking material, because of using other shader made the batery look rather too plastic.

That’s enough, but , hey, I’m here to learn. Please post what do you think I can do to achive better results :slight_smile:

Not too bad. It’s hard to tell how the battery is modeled. (maybe show a screenshot of the wireframe.) Did you lathe it?
It looks like it’s just not a closed shape yet.
You would not be able to see inside of the battery, if it had the connectors on the ends.
Also the bubbly look to highlight the battery can be fixed by making a loop cut (Ctr+r) around the middle flat part of the batteries close to both ends.

  |           |_
  |           |_|
   ^         ^
  here and here

(You can test this out by turning on “smooth” on a cube. When rendered it’s shaded like a sphere, now make edge loops, near the edges. To make the edges look smooth.)

(this is still just a cheat; later learn to make a rounded edge.)

The battery caps should be a separate material. Learn how to assign separate materials to a mesh, or make the caps a separate object, with a shiny material.

that is all.

Ok, for the wireframe, here it goes :


As you can see, the batery model was created using just basic primitives extruded and scaled. I created every part ( body, front cap, bottom ) using some cylinder, and then joined the various mash in one single mesh.

As you say, I must learn how to give separate material to one single mash ( sub surface, maybe ? ), and many more things. For example, I still don’t know how to lathe ( I know the “what”, but not the “how” ).

However, thank for your suggestion, I’m gonna try it!

Kind regards,