first submitted renders
i was trying to make the eyes glow so that is what i spent most time on. i couldnt get them glowing BTW.
the water is just a texture i made for a logo.
this is the logo that i originally made, i actually had no idea how to make water to tell the truth, i was trying the have the logo floating with particles coming off of it. the particle effect i made looked horrible and it just looked like lines coming off of it, i also tried to make it glow so i tried messing with the texture wich ended up looking like water. anyways i also tried to render it with yafray, wich i dont know how to use proprely yet so heres the outcome.

thanx for looking comments are welcome.

these look good for your first models.

but these are screen shots of the render. to save the render, exit out of it, go to file>save image (or f3). also for bandwidth, make sure to make them jpg’s

thx. also its not my first model its just my first submitted ones. i wish they were my first my first were so horrible!