first texturing attempt

all textures done in photoshop. images rendered in blender.

all textures are seamless.



Get this
And try this
Here is my sample blend

i have used them though, i made costum maps for the tree and brick. not for the stone though.

I do not really understand this, could you elaborate on what you are trying to do?
I am sure that you are aware that there are better looking textures avilable for free on the internet… Are these test renders? (which is totaly fine, but we have separate tests thread for those) or what are attemting to create?

I just guessed that he is trying to draw\create his own textures.
Correct me if I am wrong.

its the first time i made my own textures. i did not go for realism, but styalized. im looking for feedback on the textures themselvs. ive shown exsamples on how i used them, but also the raw textures themselvs witch id like feedback on.

I’m not expert with painting…it’s a good start. I guess you can make them more detailed, especially the red brick one.
Seamless texture painting in Blender, if you haven’t seen already:

I like your wood texture, although the knots make the tiling stand out. The bricks seem a little too perfectly rectangular in form for them to be stylized. You might try giving them a worn/damaged look with more exaggerated highlights and shadows.

hmm ur right, ill work on the bricks.