First time car model already stuck, need help

Hey everybody Im doing a 1969 Mustang for a buddy of mine for the holidays. He understands this is a hobby and its going to take awhile. Im learning as I go. I think this Mustang would be a good model to start out with. Its not an exotic car with alot of curves.

Looking at the screen shot, it looks like Im about to back myself into a corner trying to keep that flow in that quarter panel. Any ideas on how to fix this? Is it ok to keep it like this and continue working? Thanks for any tips on car modeling.


create a backup file, and find out for yourself. honestly, thats really the best way to learn.

for advice, i would say learn about the subsurface modifer. you can get nice looking complex shapes quickly.

Hey Daedalus if you look at my shot this is my second backup file. I push the + button every time I save a file. Saves time in case I have to go back, I hope you do the same. Thanks for the advice on subsurface modifier. I’ll write that down in my notebook.

Ok… I think I figured it out. Had to take a break, it still looks rough , but I learn as I go.


zman73, Ok, try this, start with the side view only, don’t go crazy with the cuts and polys just yet " keep it as simple as possible, get the basic shape down on the side then move to the top view, and space those Vertices out give it depth, then you have a few choices, as Daedelus said use your sub surf modifier but DO NOT hit apply, this is just to check how the high poly version looks, if you feel you need more cuts, turn off the modifier and add what you need to the low poly mesh. GLHF

Got to route some of your edge loops to follow around every major contour, fold, or cut in the body panels. At least if you plan on smoothing this. Even if you don’t smooth, good edge flow will help reduce shading artifacts in most renderers. If you’re uncertain of loop flow, alt-selecting an edge or face will show what your loops are actually doing.

Also try to avoid pole vertices wherever a surface transition is occurring, try to keep their placement on flat areas.

Figure out how to do those two things, and it’ll improve things a lot.

In your example, you don’t have a complete loop going around the wheel opening, and the edge loop at the front needs better (more even) placement to control definition.

I’d say you have a pretty good start. Perhaps you’ve got too many loop cuts for this early. Everyone has their own way of working… I like to add a subdiv modifier and mostly work with it enabled; others would rather work on a faceted surface. Here’s the front fender of a Hupmobile I’ve done… notice how few loops you need with a subdiv modifier. This makes surfaces easier to edit without them getting bumpy. You will, however, need loop cuts in tricky areas like the rear fender of this Kharman-Ghia in my second attachment.