First time modelling a gun in blender

Hello everyone,

I am new to blender and I wanted to model a gun, so what I did was look up some videos on how to do this and I started right away, but now I got two questions.

  1. Is it okay to use multiple objects for only one gun?
  2. Can you look at the model I am making and give me some criticism. I am not done yet as I am stuck. I can’t get those ridges done.

Thank you for reading

Desert Eagle.blend (472 KB)

Your .blend file is blank, it only contains the default startup layout.

  1. Yes, if an object is multiple pieces in the real world then you should model it with more then one mesh. Using more then one mesh to model an object also reduces the complexity and makes it easier to work with.

I would not recommend starting with something as complex as an desert eagle but there really isn’t a certain experience level before you can model some things, it just takes more time and you will end up with a few errors here and there.

  1. Okay, then have a look at the blend file that should work. Have I done this “correctly”.

I understand that I shouldn’t start with a desert eagle, but the gun looks so cool. :frowning:
Desert Eagle.blend (496 KB)

  1. Okay, then I think that I did that right, but can you take a look at the blend file so you can see if I did it “correctly”.

I really liked to start with a very cool gun, do you have any suggestions?

BTW. here is my blend file: Desert Eagle.blend (496 KB)

Is there anyone here that can help me at understanding how I can do things better

There isn’t one perfect solution to anything, there are many ways to achieve what you are trying to do. when you are first learning it is likely you will make mistakes, its the process of learning. Just take a shot and try to make it work. when you are starting out it is more important to just get things made, they won’t be the most perfect ,most efficient way to do things, but its those experiences that help you determine a better way for next time or to repeat techniques that worked well.
Getting good at something only happens by doing it a lot. I’m still pretty new at this too, but I feel like I have learned quite a bit in the last couple months and am only excited to learn even more.

Sorry for not responding, i didn’t notice you made new posts.

It seems you’re a beginner in modeling so it’s better if you start of with modeling something simpler, it’s a bonus if you can model something you can hold so you can look at it from every angle.

The desert eagle is of moderate difficulty to model, it has a few flat spots but also a few curvy shapes here and there. You want to try modeling it piece by piece, you need to have reference images of every angle of the gun to get an idea of the shape of each part.

Okay, then I’ll just keep on going, but probably with a different model, because of the quote under here:

I’ll try to find an object to remodel, I’m thinking of an PS4 controller. What do you think of this?