First timer - Feedback needed on potential build

I’m new to everything, I had a previous post that I have been trying to gain understandings through I think it’'s time to get some direct feedback on the parts I have chosen. I’ve used a site of a local PC store as they can build it for me, please see below:

Unsure of coolers, I had another suggestion of the Noctua NH-D15
Picked the motherboard as based on X570 suggestion
Not 100% clear on brands but I know I want a 2080 Ti GPU
I know I want the Ryzen 3900x
eVGA SuperNOVA PSU was strongly recommended

My main points of learning blender and focus is:

  • Fast viewport performance
  • 20,000+ particle/fluid similatuions
  • Photorealistic image renders (small close ups)
  • Realistic architecture or small groupings of buildings to create a photorealistic city scene.

Looking for feedback on any and all parts, compatibility, maybe better compatible suggestions and why, , thanks in advance.

I’ve made some corrections to your list and shaved off ~300$ AUD. In a 4.5-5K system don’t go below a 500gb ssd. Also, Philips monitors aren’t the best option imo. And finally, with up to 2xgpus for this system, a 1000W platinum psu would be enough.

Perfect, thank you

Not sure on the monitor, to be honest I just liked the look of the phillips and that’s why I chose it. Was ideally looking for something larger than 27"

I will also be dropping the RAM off this and buying it on amazon as it’s about $110 cheaper, maybe even look for a cheaper one that is the same specs without RGB.

I genuinely don’t know if the motherboard accomodates for 2 GPUs, I tried reading up on PCEI slots and got a little lost, I noticed it only had 1x 16slot and I think I read that the 2080 Ti performs best in that slot, I may be remembering wrong. I don’t think I will be pushing up to 2 GPUs though, at least not for quite a while.

Can I ask any reason for the case change? Size/airflow/etc? I’m not too fussed on the case I had chosen previosuly but was curious to know why you picked the one you did.