First try at Yafray

Hope this works - first post

Decided to see what I can do with Yafray. Used Extractor.

This was just gonna be a test, but I like the way it flows. Might try dressing it up some.

wow, im f***ing pissed, ive treid and tried, but i cant use yafray :<

other than that, very cool

did you use any procedurals in that picture?

Very very nice btw.

Very impressive work.

How did you get the nice caustic effect in the background?


P.S.: Welcome BTW. :smiley:

Nice render, I never tried to make cube render like that.

Good job, continu like that.


i´m having trouble BIG TIME using yafray, is there like a n00b yafray tutorial?

Thanks for the comments.
The streaky background thing is just an image I keep around for general texturing coolness. It’s a still of a Blender particle system with a high Blur Factor. Here’s a link, feel free to use if you like:

Particle Spray

I won’t go into how I did this with Extractor (the buttons are pretty clear), but the Yafray code for it looks like this:

&lt;background type="image" name="background" power="1.0"&gt;
	&lt;filename value="C:	errain1.tga"/&gt;

Looks like it does some sort of spherical mapping.

Well, gonna take some time to work on this image some more. Later!

Whats this?! Someone gave a first try at Yafray without making tacky use of focal blur and reflections?! What a wonderful idea!

Nice render! Glad to see theres more people learning how to use Yafray. This sort of thing would make a cool wallpaper


not bad not bad at all