First try, some kind of head

Hello there! This is my first post here and also my first real try to create a model with “freehand modeling”. I realize that it has no ears, I might add that later.

Tell me what you think, if you want.


Added some kind of ears. Attaching mesh also.


you should make the ears much bigger, make them match the nose in size even.

Nice, I really like the style it has, and the sss.

Yeah, I like the style too - if your going for something like that.
Did you have aything in mind when you started?
BTW love the ears. You could make them slightly bigger if you wanted to but I like the disproportion of the features, it adds character!

okay, good start …ears are as long as the top of the eye brow to the tip of the nose …eyes are 1 eye apart and pupils meet with the smile on each end of the mouth draw a line on paper to the pupil also one more thing I love the nose lol um…KEPP IT UP!

I might do a version with much bigger ears later on.

Thanks! I was amazed with the sss functionality, it’s just awesome!

I like the style too, never done anything like that before, and it wasn’t intentional. I’ll stick with it. :stuck_out_tongue:
All I thought of when I started was “to create a face or head”.
I’ve made the ears a tad larger. Will probably make them even larger, but that was only what I had time to do right now.

Yeah, I took that class a few years ago too. :stuck_out_tongue: But this seems to have become some kind of fantasy/cartoon-like character, even if it is mostly the ears that are out of proportion. And maybe the nose too.

I will make the ears thicker too.
Thanks for the input all!