First two projects, low poly on blender

These are my first low poly projects on blender. Using my ideas to create these, yes i know alot could of been done better and differently to make it look better but these were my first two. Tell me some advice if you want, and thanks. I see that i have a problem with rendering as there is always a little bit of noise, if someone can help me fix that, it would be great. :slight_smile:

This first one here is just a simple waterfall with hills. I did attempt to put grass on the scene but i could not figure out how to select what parts i wanted grass to be on, i did not want it to be on the stone.

click on the picture zoom for a bit better quality


This second one is floating islands with water floating down. It has blue little lights all over it trying to make it glow in a dark area. could of been better, maybe next time.

thats all, if you have any advice just comment it below, Thanks.


I think I am on the same place as you are in regards to modelling. It is nice. I would work on the edges, they are too pointy and I would remove that clouds and put a sky with another collor, maybe reddish and adjust the light so it would reflect this reddish light in the paisage. But again, it is just me thinking.