First Walk cycle! I am proud to announce, kinda...

Well i have been working on my texturing skills and my overall animation flow because my first animation was pretty simple…
so i decided to make a nice visual appealing walk cycle with some dubstep!

Pretty good start! Needs a little
arc motion in the swing of the arms
secondary action – forearms trailing the upper arms…

overall – very nice, excellent foundation

Thanks for the help. I will take it back to the drawing board! I really appreciate your tips! btw I loved your latest youtube animation/giants in the Earth! I had checked them out!

The main issue is the front leg needs to be straight when it lands on the ground. Youtube rotoscope walk and you will see what I mean. Your guy never extends his leg.

you can also work on the movement of the head so it looks as a consequence of the movement of the body. Right now it looks a little bit random, you can make the head move down when the body is going up and up when the body is going down , this way you can get a nice follow through

oh, wow that really does make sense, thanks for pointing that out. With these tips i will be able to get better at overall flow and sequence! so thanks for all the help!