First WIP: Dali Concept 1

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m gonna make my first WIP thread ever, so bare with me if I’m not doing it right :slight_smile:

I’m very new to Blender and modeling, so I thought that it would be a good idea to make a WIP thread for some C & C to give me pointers to what I should work on.

The object I’m gonna model i a loudspeaker called Concept 1 made by Dali. The reason that I choose the speaker is that i feel that it has some elements that are a good challenge for me, but not so hard that I will get stuck and wont finish it. Also because I have two of them standing right in front of me, so i wont have any problems with reference photos or blueprints :smiley:
I’m going for photo realistic look, but doubt that I will achieve that in my very first try though. But I am sure gonna do my best :slight_smile:

Here is a reference photo so you guys know what they look like:

And here is my progress so far:

I have already learned a lot from this, and I know there is a lot more to learn so I hope to get some more done on it soon.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Update for today:

not sure how much I’ll be able to work on it in this weekend, as I’m off to a family party and have work to do as well. But maybe i can do a little Sunday.

Have a nice weekend all :slight_smile:

Added some details today, and I should be ready to start adding materials tomorrow. I hope :smiley:

Modeled the last details today, and put on some VERY quick mats, that also showed me that I need to redo the cone of the speaker itself.

Finally I got an update for this one.
I reworked all the mats and corrected a few modeling errors. I’m getting pretty close to what I’ll be satisfied with when looking at the modeling and materials. I would like to get some comments on how to make a rubbery/spongy material for the foam between the membrane and the frame, anyone got any advice for that?
I also need to work on the lighting, so any advice for that is very welcome as well :slight_smile:

Watch is in full res to get all the details/errors :smiley:

Did some small tweaks to the model and materials, and I believe I’ve done the best I can now :slight_smile:
So I’ve started to create a surrounding for the speakers for the final render.

Still, I would love some feedback so I can get better so dont hold back.

Ok, so the surroundings/background that I wanted to do for the speakers turned out to be my next project instead :smiley:
So I’ve put the final renders of the speakers up in the finished section of the forum:

Wonder if anyone actually watched this thread, as it feels a bit like I’ve been talking to myself all the way through it lol :smiley:

I was watching (although I must admit that I first clicked the thread thinking that someone else was creating a Salvador Dali render:p) I didn’t comment because I couldn’t think of anything to criticise. You have a good solid model here, well done. I look forward to seeing the background.

The model looks really great! Although some outer edges seem to be a bit to sharp for my taste but i dont know the reference :wink:
Also the plastic material looks a bit unrealistic if you ask me. Maybe a bit more reflective?

But all in all good modeling

MonkMonk: Thanks, I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Karim Eich: Thank you. The edges are quite sharp on the cabinet, but I might have overdone it. And you are right, even though it is a quite mat plastic material used on the speaker, it needs more gloss to make it a bit more reflective.

This relly looks excellent.

The rubber material could do with improvement as you suggest - I’m no expert in shaders though to be able to help with that.

I would really like to see some experimentation with the camera.
How would it look from different angles, with a variety of lenses?
This exercise would be a nice way to exhibit some of the smaller
details too.