First Work. A Go-Ban. (Updated).

I already posted it yesterday in “works in progress”. This is my first model with blender. (See )

This is the final result:

Model info:

  • Modelling time: 4 hours.
  • Rendering time: 1.2 hours (800x600, OSA 8) in a PIII, 1Gz.
  • Rendering options: AO (Default sets) + Raytracing.

C&C Welcome (please just remember is my first model ! :smiley:

Thanks to all of you for your comments & critics.

I have produced another (and final)render with Yafray (render time 2 hours in 1200x1024).

As promised the model is here (Warning 3Mbs zipped / 6mbs blender). I know the model is pretty large for such a “simple” result but don’t forget I am a newbie with render. (meshes are not optimized in sizeso every stone has the same detailed - just copied ).

Now I am moving on to my second model (this time will be a bridge). I´ll post it as soon as I have some decent results.

Although I don’t know wheter this is the appropiate place. I would like to share some comments after this first model in Blender/Yafray.

  • Blender:

  • The modeller is excellent, despite the fame pretty intuitive and easy to use after few minutes (the book which I purchased as well is extremely helpful, defenitely a “must” for a begginer".

  • The renderer is pretty fast in scanline mode, but I find it veeery slow in raytracing and radiosity algorigthms, I know this features are pretty new so I hope a lot of improvement coming up in following bersion.

  • Yafray: it takes some time to tweak around with lights from blender to yafray ( I found that spotlight parameter “dist” is extremely sensitive in yafray while is not so important in blender once the value is larger than the scene size). Having said that is an excellent raytracer and much faster than internal blender one producing very nice results.

Finally, Thanks to all of you ( I read the forum very often and I have learned a lot from it, just hope to produce some works as great as those I have seen here)…

PS: djfuego, thanks for the comment, I will try to use less wood next time but considering is CG wood dont think that CG Greenpeace lads would be that upset :wink: as there are an almost infinite number of CG trees available.

I can hardly believe this is your first model

Well you are right…This is my first model IN Blender or with any other modeller, I previously have used povray using preprocessors developed by myself. (follow the link to “work in progress”).

Anyway thank you for the complement :slight_smile:

Fine model.

Now a very very small crit :

the shape of stones is japanese (2 rounded sides) while the texture suggest they are quite rough, like chinese ones which are flat on one side.

If they are not intented to be rough but this is AO artifacts, increase the samples.


Thank you very much for your feedback, yes they are japanese stones and should be shiner ( clamshell & slate or plastic/glass -cheaper- imitating them ). The go-ban is pretty similar to the one I have and I used it as inspiration for my first steps into blender since geometry of go-ban, bowls & stones is pretty simple.

Yes you are right about AO settigns but I didn’t have the time to play around with them (yet). If I have the time I will post a new image with higher AO settings. Since you seem to be interested in Go I will post my -very modest- blender model file tomorrow in case of you or anybody else feels like playing around with it ( I do believe in GNU philosophy, so GPL license could be applied to it aka. feel free to modify/use it)…

Looking good. I agree about the noise on the stones - it could go, but it is quite nice for a first model.

Beautiful. Only thing I can see is the seam on the floor texture.

wow, ths is a great first model. I can see you know a lot more about blender than some of the supposed “gurus” and even “monkeys” here. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, great work, and I hope to see more of your work in the future! :smiley:

It’s sooo simple as well.
I think I’d better call green peace… they’d have something to say about the playing board. :slight_smile:

Heh. Keep it up. I’m looking foward to your future works.

Thanks for the critics & comments,

I hope my second model would be as good as this. Will post is as soon as looks decent in work in progress.

By the way, just a couple of weeks using blender and I am totally hooked to this piece of art, what a great program. Well done developers!.

I just love Go :slight_smile: renders are ok.

Nice work. I especially like your textures. :slight_smile: