First work here: Teddy is in troubles!

Hello! Though it’s a while I read and post (not so actively) here, I never showed you anything. Here it is, my last pic:

Obviously meant to be more an illustration than a realistic rendering. Don’t be afraid to be mean, just tell what you think is wrong.

blender internal, with lot of postpro, nodes+gimp.

cheers! :slight_smile:

Great pic!

Only a couple of minor discrepancies: Teddy can still make a lot of noise with the handkerchief tied on like that. A gag would run across his mouth, not simply cover it up like that. And there is something lying on top of the pile of stuff next to the bicycle wheel that looks like a hand. It’s probably supposed to be a rag or something, but the way it’s draped, it seems to have four fingers.

I didn’t notice the dynamite until I saw the watch face attached to Teddy’s shoulder. He really is in trouble. At first I thought he’d been kidnapped? teddynapped? and held for ransom. There really wouldn’t be a need to strap the dynamite onto him, maybe just put it next to the chair with a ray of light shining on it.

Despite the minor criticisms, I really like the piece. That’s surely one way to get out of cleaning up the garage. :evilgrin:

Great idea! I agree with Orinoco about the dynamit it’s something one overlooks very easily. Maybe replace the hankershive with duck tape. Also the image tends to be really dark for me. This might be the monitor at work but you might brighten it just a tiny bit up for us to see it more clearly.

thanks guys!

I should honestly say: the idea is not totally mine! I’m not going to tell where it is from just becouse a making of has been requested… I’ll tell it then!

The four fingered rag would actually be a glove (my fault if it’s not recognizable at a first glance :().

Too much dark? I’ve recently found out that my monitor’s really bright, that’s brings this kind of problems when sharing pics with others… maybe I should work on that.

I’m lovin it :slight_smile: great composition, great models, great scene & lighting!

Yeah! great job! 4 stars!

Very well done! There is only 2 things that bothering me:

  1. I’d add some felament to your lamp…at least something inside to make it look a little more realistic
  2. Something is wrong about your shading( mostly on the floor) …i think its stretching to much for the room like that with windows that high and the day light.
    The rest I really like a lot!

Thanks for the feedback!

those would be my first stars, appreciated! :slight_smile:

Vova, your point 2 is exactly what I was looking for! There was something bugging me but I couldn’t state what it was, it was definitely the stretching on the floor! Thanks!

If you guys are in need to fill your garage with brik-a-brak, you can get the models used in the scene here (sorry for italian names).

This is a solid scene and deservers more attention than this. 4 stars from me.

OMFGAG, great idea, i love it.

Wow. Way to ruin fond childhood memories!!
But seriously I like it.
I’d like to see better color choices and better lighting, but it still has a great mood to it that looks great. Also the teddies expression is very well done. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for positive feedback!

Hippie, your appreciation is special to me: your “big eyed head tutorial” is what I started blender with!

Yes redbyte, maybe I should add a disclaimer in the title, this pic may be way too traumatic! :smiley: I’m glad Teddy revealed to be an actor better then I supposed.

I really enjoyed all your stars! :slight_smile: