Fish Attack!

something I did for fun.

Got the fish, almost done with the worm. :smiley:

I think I got the scene concept down:

Now to work on the details. Bubbles, Teeth for the angry fish, fishing line and sea atmosphere.

very cool Cal. as i already told you in the channel. i really like your cartoon style. maybe you could *cough give me some tips *cough *cough :slight_smile:
you’re way better with this style than i am.

Looking forward to see the final scene.


That looks awesome, Calvin.

Linny: Thanks, hmm tips… It’s all about the eyes. I’ll try to think of something more useful (as a mater of fact maybe a wire image would be more useful.)

uncyclomaniac: Thanks.

OK, I modeled the teeth. Also moved the scene around a bit to bring the face of the worm closer to the screen.

experimenting with water/mist

or maybe

Bubble update: :smiley:

Lighting test:

Great work,

Though a problem I think with this image - and something I discovered when modelling a worm myself recently (as one does) …you need to have lots of little bones to have the worm curve smoothly. It might be better to use a curve instead.

There is a setting about bones (i don’t remember though) that allows curving rather than stiff deformation.
Mmh, but I think that it was meant to look like this.

Great composition, I like it! :slight_smile:

nice pic, a sprig of seaweed could be a nice touch imo.

Hmm, i prefer the previous render, than this with lighting. Great work anyway…

:slight_smile: Watching with interest. Nice work as always.

goosey: thanks for the suggestion, but I kind of wanted it to be sectioned off the way it is.

reywillow: thanks.

Modron: hmmm, seaweed. I’m trying to keep the scene simple, so it’s not too distracking from the story. But a little seaweed somewhere, shouldn’t hurt. Will try!

owww, maybe seaweed coming out of the big fish’s mouth, aggressive fish grabbing everything on the way :eek:

f41t3r: hmmm, ok. maybe it is a little to dark. I’ll play around with out light setup. Thanks.

AndyD: Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, modeling the fishing-line turned out harder then I thought. Actaully it took longer to model the fishing line then the fish+worm together. :smiley:

Any Suggestions?

[edit]Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone below. Don’t want to bump the thread for a SMALL update.
I repositioned the hook, you think it’s better or worse this way? Sort of wanted to move it back so it’s not the center of attention.

That’s lovely! Perhaps some dirt in the water.

Dude, that’s cool !

Your sense for colors, style and mood are amazing, Cal !
This work is a very good example, that a huge amount of expression and
tension can be achieved with only a few convincing objects and the right

love it !

Calvin, thats great stuff!
while scrolling down and watching the progress in these big but simple steps you caught me with your artistical descision making. for me its a kind of tutorial on creating atmosphere and storytelling.


I like this cartoon-style! Very good modelling & nice scene.
Little remark: should the hook not be through the worm? :wink:

Keep up the good work!


I like your image, it is very cool. Kinda like a finding nemo style!! You rock!