Fish in glass.

This is a fish and glass i made blender.I know it needs some more work.

I’d like to see what this looks like with more light. It looks like the fish could be well formed, but I cannot tell for sure because… I can’t see :expressionless:

I changed the fish skin emission.Can you see it now?

Here is a picture of the fish looking up out of the glass.

funny, espc. the topview. makes me wonder if the fish is jumping out of the glass into cosmic adventure or starving to death…

Have you seen a fish with red eyes on this planet.I think they dont have those.

She is a fish from outerspace.She was droped
off from a ufo.That went into the sea and let her esape.It is what the aliens eat on their planet.They make sushie out of it.The
ufo let it esape in north poles waters.The ufos harvest them by sucking them in by tractor beams.When their underwater.It was found by two fishermen that were fishing for seals.

yeah, there are - have a look:


alien sushi? cool story…

If a human eats it eat it they get runney noises and have sneazing fits.And it lasts for days.And cold medicines won’t stop it.
The aliens use the fish for a laxative.

A picture of the ufo of the aliens.