Fish Paint



Beautiful concept and execution! Would you mind sharing how you made the splashes and merged them with the fish?

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Thank you @Scoped!

I had created a whole bunch of splash shapes for a font I made a while back and used some of those pieces in combination with the fish model. It was booleaned together, and then further sculpted just a little to enhance the ‘movement’.
I then used a paint dripping texture to color the model and mixed in another shader using pointiness to bring out the protruding sections of the model.
I used the same paint texture to add small bump details which adds A LOT to the overall effect.

I then used the compositor to add some chromatic aberration to the render to mimic what a lens would do, and lastly brought it into photoshop for some grain:)


Thanks for the explanation! I would love to see more animals with this style, it’s amazing!

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I have a few ideas in the works;)

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!

Full feature here if anyone is interested in workflow:

Thank you Blender Nation.