Fish Swarm

I have started a project to create a swarm of fish with help of the boids particle system. The current result is shown below:


Very cool. It’s to early to say anything more. I’m sure you have further plans for this.

With some work that will be awesome.

Maybe have some variation in fish and colour ? Will watch ^^ Loving the flow !!

I have seen quite a few “Nova” programs that had swarming fish. but they never looked like that. It does look pretty cool though. Maybe a fantasy swarm.

Dear crazy_Minion. I am a university professor in Sweden and I have a request. I love your swarm of fish, and I would love to show it as one of many images at a TEDx talk I am holding in Sweden on Saturday (26/1 2019). Apparently it is quite urgent I get the permission, so I wonder, would you allow me to show it (and of course your name will be written on the slide) ? Best regards / Sofia Ulver

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Hi Sofia,
Glad you like it :slight_smile: Of course you can use the image. It would be cool if you can share the video of the talk though.

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How’d you make the direction of the fish follow the velocity?

Cant really remember as it was a long time ago, but I did it with boids I think

Thank you so much!

Do you want me to use ”Crazy Minion” or another name on the image (photo: Crazy Minion)? Do you have an email I can use to send the link to the talk?

Kind regards


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I guess you could use Patrick Barton.

You can send the link to [email protected]

Also feel free to post the link here if it’s public (I’m assuming it is, since it’s a TEDx talk). It’s always great to see some Blender art ‘in the wild’ :slight_smile: