Fisheye lens for 2.8?

I use the Fisheye Equisolid camera in 2.79 quite a lot. Has anyone come up with a way to create such a camera in 2.8 ?

Thanks for any info !

I just activate panoramic and set to Fisheye Equisolid. Works in Cycles.
Not implemented in Eevee. But Eevee is cheap, can’t you render oversize and do it in post?

Thanks, but the evee camera cannot be set to a 180 degree field of view, which distorts the geometry. The cycles camera can and that will give me what I need for now.

Cycles has features Eevee currently doesn’t, this being one of them. Eevee is fast and cheap, sure, but for a lot of tasks, Cycles is better.

Eevee is fast. Cycles is powerful. (Oversimplification, maybe :wink: ) Luckily we still have both!

Hello, I’m joining this conversation a little late, but am very interested in a Eevee fisheye lens (equidistant) in order to do realtime rendering in our planetarium.

I found this thread:

Any news on how or if this is progressing?

Thank you