FISHEYE PLACEBO/ KNITE - Anime model comic project

I’ve been working with the artist Yuumei as the character modeler for her comic projects Fisheye Placebo and Knite. Here I’ll be sharing some of the progress and WIP’s of the work I’ve done on the models so far.

Yuumei has several ongoing comic projects she has started over the years but suffers from a hand injury from trying to draw all of them on her own. It makes drawing for long periods of time difficult for her.

The objective of the models I’m making is to provide a base that Yuumei can paint over for each frame of her comic to save her time and work while keeping the original look and style of her art.
Topology and rigging isn’t as much of a concern. The hair on the models will also be left simple for now because it allows her to paint over the models more easily.
The team also has yet to decide where the models will be rendered so special settings (like freestyle) and materials are also not as much of a concern for her. All the textures have been hand painted and the characters as of now just have a simple diffuse material.

Here’s a little demonstration of how Yuumei will be painting over each character I model for her! The model is still a WIP but even this saves her a bunch of time.


Oh Cool :eek: … This is some awsome work man WOW :O… good job :smiley:

Very cool, impressive for your work ! By the way great character too !

so awesome, i know about her injury and i feel sorry for her
so do you use cycle or internal render, what are the light,s that you used for this ? is this character been shaded with the texture or is just the shadow from the light,s ? do you use AO or indirect light , i really want to do something more like anime style ,and i ont i made it so pretty like this,
sorry for my question ^_^!

Thank you guys!

More paintover tests by Yuumei on my character models! The models are still WIP’s But the paintovers only took her 50 minutes.


@Alfo I just used basic lamps in the internal render engine the is 50% ambient occlusion going on and the material is a basic diffuse. Im using a combo of the techniques used for cel shaded anime characters and more realistic renders. :slight_smile: I hope that helps~

it does really, thank you

Facial comparison of the ref and the model~


Really like the face texturing; Is it being painted in Blender, or maybe some other 3D painting app?

Also, just checked out your Artstation and Deviantart. Great work!

Yes! I’m painting in Blender :slight_smile:

Update on Frey’s face!

this is so awesome, did you textured him or is just a vertex paint ?
the only missing thing her is the outline to become a draw
i think you should make some tut on how o you paint your model,s :slight_smile:

Hey there!~ I just hand painted him with a texture! Perhaps ill do some timelapse videos on it in the future :smiley:

Another character i have been working on named Ling

You guys can keep up better with my progress on my facebook:

Your style is so inspirational, I absolutely love the characters! :smiley:

Glad you made a thread for this here, makes it easier to follow your progress outside of facebook :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad Yuumei found someone talented to help her out, I’m certainly ready for more Fisheye.
Looking at the models to the paintover is really cool, it’s nice to see the process.

Great work, keep it up!

Excellent work so far. I’d say you’re close to being done. Painted-over 3D is one of my favorite art methods- it combines the best of both 2D and 3D. The hard part is knowing how far to go with the 3D, but it looks like you and Yuumei got that figured out. Looking forward to more of this