Fishing Reel (WIP)

This is my main project that I’ve been working on in Blender. I originally planned to make it in three months, it’s now been two years, and I am just wanting to get it finished :). I first decided to make this short film as a way to improve my Blender skills, and expertise in making films. I’ve learned so much about organizing schedules, deadlines (or lack of them), and heaps of other skills as well. I first started work on this back when I was fourteen, and had been learning Blender for about nine months then.

There are five scenes in Fishing Reel altogether, but I’ve only finished the visuals for scenes 1, 3 and 4 (plus the credits :)). I also still need to do all the sound effects, although the soundtracks for scenes 1 and 4 are complete (my older brother composed them).

Scene 1: [video][/video]
Scene 3: [video][/video]
Scene 4: [video][/video]

Let me know what you think :). You can also find more information on my blog at:

This is looking good! I especially like scene 4. It’s amazing how long it takes to make a short film, isn’t it? I’m planning on making a short film over the summer (very short, since I’d only have three months), and I have to keep on pulling back my ideas into something more manageable.

For your next short, the two things I would focus on working with the most are texturing and/or lighting and animation. I say texturing and/or lighting because of how flat the man’s face looks toward the end of scene 1. And I say animation, because the man’s walk in scene 1 has some issues. But for a first short, this is really good! I couldn’t have put something like this together when I first started Blender.

Yeah, the walking animation could definitely do with some work :). I’m mostly just trying to get Fishing Reel finished now, so I probably won’t have time to change it, but I will definitely work on my animation skills for my next project.