Fishing scene - Objects

I’m thinking of making a fishing scene, I’ll explain more later, but I’ve started on a rodpod, sorry if i use some words you haven’t heard of, I’ll explain them as best as I can. A rod pod is something oyu can rest your rods on while you do other things.
Rendered in yafaray, DirectLighting, 1hr20mins. I was going for a glossy metallic look?

Looks alright. Good detail. I’m not familiar with what a rodpod is, but are they supposed to have pointed legs?

Looks very nice. Very shiny.

Are you sure you want it that pristine? I would dirty it up a bit (Depending on the type of fishing scene, of course - if it was on a boat, it probably would be shinier, like yours).

Also, i generally think of those cheaper rod holders when i think of fishing - the ones made of a short section of PVC pipe and a stake to stick it into the sand (though again, if you’re setting it on a boat, that’s a different story).

Looks great so far! I look forward to seeing a finished scene.

instead of dirtying it up, I think I’ll change it into black plastic.

here is a bobbin, basically the fish will take whatever is on the other end of the line, and the line will go tight, making the bobbin go up.
Direct lighting, 20 mins.