Fishing tux

This is my newest project. I tried to reproduce the linux tux in 3d. I think I’m (almost) done with the tux itself, I’m gonna work on the environment now.

I thougt this to be the best render:

C&C are welcome

hhhmm looks ok…but the hole with the sides lifting up doesnt lookquit right?

It’s too dark right now.

Nice tux!

thanks for comments.
I’ve changed lightning, this is the last render for today:

looks really cool.

Nice background, it looks great. However, it could still use some more lighting on Tux’s front side.

Nice, but the reflections of the inside of the ice hole’s a little jaggedy in spots and doesn’t look good.

Those strange reflections at the inside of th ice hole were probably caused by using boolean operations, actually it made really a mess of the ice plane. I fixed that problem, and also lightened up the tux a bit.
have a look now:

Try rounding off the penguin’s stomach a bit more and lower the spec as well. A texture on the ice might help as well, and if you’re going to make wavey water, you should definately NOT use Booleens.

Just create a plane, subdivide it and then use the soft selection tool (letter O on keyboard) to move verts up and down.

One other thing, the water is too wavey. :wink:

Keep working on it.

in the last version there are no boolean operations used at all, but anyway thanks for looking at it, i’ll post an update later on.

<edit>i replaced the picture above</edit>