Fishy animation

I’ve been playing with RVK and armatures for an upcoming animation that I’ve been planning for a while. This is just the eye test of one of the characters I would like to use. It’s my own rig and RVK animation. I used the fish model from VenomGfx and Pa Furijaz in thier fish animation, but the cube is 100% my own work (and it was hard). requires the XVid CODEC.




hhhmmm abit jumpy dude, pretty cool tho, eyes arnt that hard, well not for me they arnt. just add a track to actuator on the eyes :P.

cute! i can’t wait to see it finished! had you made the fish out of a bunch of cubes you could have submitted it for the Primitive WC! :wink:

nice wip.

lookin forward to see textured model.