Fit a plane through selected vertices

I needed a method to efficiently add a plane to a mesh that is fitted to a potentially large set of selected vertices.

To this end I created a small add-on, PlaneFit, that does just that :slight_smile:

An example result is shown below:

A full write-up, including code explanation and download instructions can be found here.


– Michel.

That is a great tool! Thank you!
(I would like to add this to t+ boolean. It is pferect therefore.)

please go ahead Marvin, that’s what open source is for :slight_smile: [mind that the script is not completely production ready, it doesn’t check whether at least 3 vertices are selected etc. so it might need some love.]

By the way, I only leaned from your tool collection just now and saw your GitHub: looks great but do you have a web page or somethting that describes the functionality available?

No, not yet! But in the addon preferences i added some url-links to threads, wikis, etc.
(…and i learned from you, too > bought once your cookbook! :wink:

FYI, made a tiny improvement, now it properly checks if at least 3 verts are selected.


– Michel.

Made a companion add-on to fit a line segment to a point cloud using the same principles. Code and explanationin this article.


– Michel.

Hey, thanks a lot! Very much appreciated!