Fix these seams

(LBJ) #1

Could someone please fix the shoulders of this robot to smoothly and seamlessly blend into the rest of this robot’s torso like what is shown in the real physical scale model photos?!Ansq7V5Mt2BrgQ2ROzY04jlpxE9R

(Matt) #2

Why use a separate mesh? Pull the cone shape out of the original mesh.

(LBJ) #3

I’m a blender noob, I don’t know how to do that.

(Kintaro) #4

Those are not seems the whole model is a mess :stuck_out_tongue:

(Peter18) #5

So…I’ve seen you post a lot in this part of the forum for help on this project. which is fine; but you’ll learn nothing by getting other people to do it for you.

I’m just curios I guess. You seem to post a lot about project asking others to help. Is there something holding you back from learning it and doing it yourself?