Fixed Camera in BGE (that rotates but doesnt move) - is it possible?

Hey guys,

First of all I apologise if someone has already asked/explained this somewhere but honestly, I couldn’t find anything on the internet. I’m hoping I’m turning to the right people! :slight_smile:

What I’d like to achieve seemed like a simple idea at first - A camera that’s always looking at my player with it’s Rotation, but is constantly at a fixed position - not moving, only rotating (Like in old games)

I’ve tried a few things (except code, which I’m not too good at unfortunately) but no luck. Tried Tracking as well, and that does exactly what I would want, but the camera only tracks the object while I’m in the editor. Once I hit “P” to jump in game, the camera does not rotate following the player.

So that’s what I’m looking to achieve In-Game, a camera tracking the object and rotating accordingly. Is it more complex than I thought?

If anyone could help me I’d really appreciate it guys, seriously.

Thank you all in advance!

You need to use the logic editor to describe game behavior. Specifically look for edit object actuator: trackTo mode

It’s as easy as you think it is (:

The camera has weird axes so the track to doesn’t work exactly like you want it to. Instead we use an empty track to an object.
A and D to move.

camera_tracks_cube.blend (484 KB)

That is amazing! Spot on example, exactly what I was looking for! Nice one Linkxg, and everyone else who responded, much appreciated! :slight_smile: