[FIXED] Cycles: Can't Find Material->Settings->Displacement

I’m doing a tutorial on Micropolygon Displacement, and am told to adjust the displacement settings under the Settings area of the Materials tab, but Settings looks like this:

There is no Dispacement dropdown menu in the place where it is shown in the video. I am using Blender 2.76b. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Blender File:MicropolygonDisplacementTutorial.blend (464 KB)

Render > Feature Set : Experimental

I already tried setting it to that - even after saving with it set to Experimental, closing and re-opening the dropdown still doesn’t show up.

mmhh… it’s there You did not open it…

it’s ment here… the 2 arrows:

and then…

hope that’s what You expect…

The dropdown is for selecting displacement settings, not on choosing the input to the displacement value, so that doesn’t help. Anyway, here’s my .blend file if that helps anyone figure it out:MicropolygonDisplacementTutorial.blend (464 KB)

Probably better that you do that in the node editor, instead of the material settings.

:slight_smile: Well, if You want to enter a Value into the displacement slot of the material output, you hvae to choose from my shown pop-up menue the “value-option” (standard is “default”) (last one at the left side down… and You will have the value option.

your blend file

Blender 2.78

and Blender 2.79

u can upgrade

Huh, that worked. Figured from the tutorial date that my version was high enough. Guess I should update more often. Thanks!