Flag pole simulation

I am trying to make a simulation of flag pole

Here is the picture of what I have

I have made the waving flag, and now I need help on how to simulate ropes that hold the flag(those 2 cylinder shaped things i marked with red arrows)

Also that cylinder to which flag is directly attached should act accordingly.

I’ve searched for tutorials on this, but havent found anything I could apply to my project.


i really would appreciate help, doesnt have to be full “how to” tutorial, just tell me what should i look into

to paraphrase, what i need is for that rope(as well as that stick) that holds the flag to act like it would in real life.

I’m wanting help with this effect as well for my flag pole

Can’t you just animate to mimic what it would do ? Set frame number, set object positions, press I to keyframe, set new frame, set new positions, press I to keyframe etc etc