flame and inferno

about how much does a flame and inferno system cost?

in what context? I did a quick google search, but mostly I came up with firestarting kits (flint, etc.) I doubt that’s what you’re looking for.

This is from 2003, but if I recall correctly, it’s still in the 5 or 6 digit range.


 Manufacturers Suggested List Price for the Discreet visual effects systems are: inferno 5--$571,500; flame 8--$266,500; flint 8--$99,000. Actual system price will vary based on scalable configurations. For additional information and configuration details, please contact Discreet Sales at 800-869-3504 or +1 514-393-1616. For contact information for Discreet regional offices or Authorized Discreet Resellers, visit the Discreet website at www.discreet.com.

Haha, that’s one of the best answers I’ve heard. This isn’t BlenderArsonists.org.

On the subject of the thread, if you’re looking for a compositing package, you should look at Shake, Combustion, After Effects and Nuke.

If you’re on Linux, Shake is expensive but you can get older versions even for Windows.
After effects is nice for an all round editor and compositor and will integrate with other Adobe products. I don’t think there’s a Linux version.
Combustion is quite good and is node-based like Shake but has things like particle effects.
Nuke is probably the most expensive but it gets good reviews. It’s just a compositor though like Shake so if you need all round capability, AE is a good choice.

Fusion has a Linux version I believe. Don’t remember the price on it though. Also, it’s worth noting that Combustion’s node based compositing is really only semi-nodal. You’re limited in the way you can string things together. It’s sort of a halfway point between layer based and node based.