Flame On !

OK, I have noticed how hot and heated some of these threads can become. Well, here is my feeble attempt to provide an outlet for all of those emotions. I will not provide a topic but rather a punching bag for all to share. Flame on and knock yourselves out here. (Mods, this is just a pressure relief valve and it may be interesting!)

School is stupid! Nobody got above 82 on the Calculus exam!! Why do we have to learn the formal definition of a limit anyways? I already know the shortcut!
(I don’t mind my programming class though.)

Hee hee that isn’t really a flame…

Comments,flames, who cares, just let it all out. You will explode if you don’t.

What the hell?

No, seriously. What the hell?

What a great way to relieve stress.

@ Friday, ok is there not something or someone that just drives you nuts? Lay it all out, be honest. Like I said, a relief valve to that pressure cooker.

Not at the moment, it’s early in the morning, I’m at work nursing a cup of koffee an reading the forum, knowing I should be doing a translation instead, and thinking about my todolist for the week…
Then I think about the current world situation, notice that the predictions about CO2 levels have to be scaled up by 25% since the projected estimates in 2000, add to that the fact that we are in debt to the planet (we have exceeded the production capability of Earth, from now on, unless we get into space, or finalise a new food source, it’s going to get down hill).
I stir my koffee and take a sip, hmm it’s a little too strong, but still good.
The sun is comming up, birds are singing and trains are driving past my office.

Then I think about this thread, which should have people scream at each other, go mad and stuff to relieve theyr pressure… and just don’t feel like disturbing the inner peace of it.
Switching to the tactical overlay of the solar system I see the usual incoming meteorites, set the orbital defense system to destroy those that might cause a problem, switch to check the spaceship repairs, and see they are about 87% done, but that I still need to get the outer layer of irridium back from somewhere. Reset the automated defenses by feeding them just enough to keep them happy… and start my usual day of work and hope the boss storms in or the phone rings with some new objectives because translating manuals is nice, but I’ll soon be finished with it, and then I’ll have to find something else to keep me occupied… which means nagging my co-workers untill they give me something to do, or build a prototype and get the project approved… whichever comes first.

Mmph, that is absolutely one of the most hilarious images i’ve seen on these great internets.

You know what bothers me is that this place is so damn popular. The WIP forum especially. If i don’t check it three times a day i’ll end up missing a thread due to the sheer number of new threads being created that push stuff off the first page. I’ve never seen a forum where someone can post a thread and have it fall off the front page in less than a day.

is that angry enough? Hard for me to be that annoyed, i just bought me a Wacom Intuos 6x8 for about 100 bucks off E-Bay :smiley:

OK then. War is just WRONG! I don’t care if it’s about oil or who invaded who or what small group or morons got it into their heads to knock down some buildings with aircraft.
If a man is walking up my driveway to hurt my family, I will defend them with every means at my disposal including my life, but I will NOT go back to the man’s house and try to burn it down in retribution.
I’m not saying that the people that have been sent “Over there” are not brave, intelligent or dedicated, but the ones doing the sending are bent on achieving their own adgendas whatever the cost and frankly, it sux.
flamey enough?

Fine…I got the purpose of the thread from the first post, and I wasn’t gonna say anything (other than my above post), because there have been similar threads and I’ll only just be repeating myself, but…

…what the hell is up with people who like to punch other for fun?! They punch you, they’re smiling, you tell them to stop, and they do it again! Oh, the sheer level of annoyance!

…and just what the hell is it with school?! I’m out of it, been out of it for a while now. But just what is the point of making the schoolyear longer and making up new subjects so school days are longer?! You know, when there’s too much to learn at the same time, you are likely to learn little to nothing at all! Good thing I maintained decent grades and got out of it before it got worse.

…and what in the name of all that’s sacred (Blender, et al) is wrong with those people who start threads like “hello i wanna maek a game a mmorpg so i need help email me at [mail] kthxbye”?! Do they think those games are made overnight, or during lunch break? Oh, good grief. Stop the madness, let them learn something. Let them think! Think! Think first, think that their favorite game wasn’t made in a drag 'n drop editor that automatically makes everything work!

…and please, someone, please, tell me what the reason might be for my bad timing when it comes to feeling inspired! I get an idea, I work on it for a short while and, suddenly, without warning, things happen. Things! Life, as some call it! Everything happens that takes away your precious Blender time, and you end up losing that bit of inspiration that gave you hope of making something good. Something that will make people say either “heh, that’s cool!”, or “can we see a wire?”. Such is life. As a user once said, Blender projects are not finished, they are abandoned!

Did you bother reading all that? Did you skip over to see what this line was about? You did? Well, I hope you don’t do that with books! You’ll spoil the ending for yourself, without finishing the first chapter! ARGH!

There, ya happy now? :wink:

Noh, that’s not flamy, that’s just ignitable… no flames yet.

What really gets my socks off is the people just thinking that using theyr brains is “too hard”. It’s not because you can’t learn everything that one shouldn’t at least try to learn as much as you can… But often people stay in their confort zone, get emotional or completedly aloof when they get a subject they don’t know anything about and start asking those REALLY stupid annoying questions, as if, because they don’t know anything about it, the laws of physics suddenly stopped, and that people start behaving like total morons because they’re doing something different…

I mean, those guys in the movies don’t die for real, right?

It’s those otherwordly assumptions that get me reeled up… it’s not because you wear black clothes all the time that you’re a baby burning devil worshipper with no feelings… just like being a beleiver and scientist can perfectly be combined. People just assume and never go in to ask, be informed, and try to understand… it’s much easyer to just be a plain biggot, stay stupid, and hate the other for being different than to try to understand them.
Unfortunatly I am myself one of those, I still think religious people have been brainwashed at youth, I still think people who have different values are inferior, especially people who think that lying and cheating is allowed as long as you don’t get caught. (I know I should not think this way, but I just can’t help it). And I especially loathe people who are unable to discuss their views and argument with hard facts and can concile both sides of the arguments at once, showing that you understand the other does not mean you have to agree with them.

In short people I don’t like very much: fanatics of any kind… and people who follow the crowd.

I don’t think this thread’s going to work. You’re all too nice.

Yeah, there’s no flaming to be done here. In order to start a REAL flame war you have to adopt an extremist position of some sort. Most people would agree (or at best, only mildly disagree) that “school is stupid” and “war is wrong”, but if you really want to start a flame war you have to phrase things in an extreme and ridiculous way, like:
“School is a complete waste of time and anyone who thinks otherwise is a useless &*($ing nerd with no life!”
“Anyone even slightly involved with any war at any time should be taken out and SHOT!”
“If you aren’t running blender on Linux, you aren’t a REAL blender user!”
Anyway, flame wars don’t tend to be very good for releasing frustration, they actuallly tend to leave you feeling more irritated.

what the hell do you mean

“If you aren’t running blender on Linux, you aren’t a REAL blender user!”

i’m sick of these stupid linux geeks, thinking their one step ahead of everyone else, just because their nerds & too poor to buy a decent os
half the enjoyment of having a computer is to play games.
so yeah Linux fanboys are so bloody stupid & boring that they don’t even, play any decent games. backwards thinking nerds.
here have some pussy.

& whilst I’m at it, i post about crashing my car, and no one replies, yet if someone posted a render of a cube, probably done on Linux or lidiots, they would get 100’s of replies.
that more flame like?

You mean an “extremist position” like this?:

2 + 2 = 4

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.



All I wanted was to find the math symbol for root…

root4+root4= root4² = 4… yet root(-4)²= 4 too…

Who needs drugs when you can have math instead!

I heard that in the Netherlands, you can have both.

In the US, coffee shops sell coffee.

Koffee, cigarettes, booze and grease are drugs too.

I wonder wether religion is a drug… I mean, some people need their fix every sunday, others even feel they need it five times a day… but I wonder what the rehab center would look like… and if there would be chemicals involved in the treatment.

Didn’t Lenin say “religion is the opiate of the masses”?

I heard that in the US, coffee shops only sell brown milk in oversized novelty cups.
Americans don’t know about REAL coffee!!

(say, this flame thing is catching on!)

Nope, root(-4)² = -4.
(edit - sqrt is the standard btw)