Flaps moving ?

I have animate my first box. Not so bad, but Im little bit surprise, why the flaps dont stop at top positions before the start going back.

In pose mode ,I press A twice then I press I key and Loc/Rot at Frame 1. I move to frame 10, select one bone and move up with R. press I and loc/rot and press A twice. I copy this moments for every flaps up and down. Why the flaps start moving before. ???

Thank in advance.


Box Flaps.blend (325 KB)

When you insert a keyframe, move forward in time, then insert another keyframe. The bone will rotate from point a to point B between those two keyframes.

If you insert a third keyframe after that, when it reaches keyframe B it will instantly start rotating towards point C. If you want it to pause before it travels to point C, you must insert a fourth keyframe at a point in time between the keyframes at position B and C. The keyframe you add should be in position B.

This way, between the second and third keyframes, the armature is traveling from the position it is in to the position it is in. Resulting it it remaining stationary.

Thank you, for reply, Now i understand I will practice.

very good.

One thing that might be very informative is: “look at the IPO window.”

(There is actually a “screen” for that, which you can switch to. It’s simply a pre-fabricated arrangement of windows and settings…)

Anyhow: “IPOs are ‘how things work’ in Blender.” When you, say, set a series of keyframes, what Blender does is to place specific markers on a (probably Bezier-curve based) IPO curve.

The actual position (say…) of the object at any particular frame is determined by three separate curves (LocX, LocY, and LocZ). Each time you make a keyframe, you place another set of markers on those curves, at a particular frame-number. The curves always pass directly through each marker; the “in-between” frames are then determined by interpolation.

As you will see when you fiddle-around with the IPO window, there are many groups of IPOs available. Yes, everything in Blender, with respect to “time,” is determined by IPOs.

When you see a character’s movement side-by-side with the actual IPOs that drive it (as you can do in the screen aforementioned…) a great many questions should be answered. This is how the “ease-in/ease-out” of standard motion is arranged; this is also how you can change it. Editing an IPO-curve is done exactly like editing any other kind of curve.

My experience was that Blender’s behavior seemed erratic and nonsensical until I saw the actual IPOs and glommed-on to how they work. Then, it suddenly seemed “elegant.” And when I realized just how many IPOs are out there and in just how many ways they can be used, it became “whoa-a-a-a-a… cool!”

(And, “from one software designer to another,” I still feel that way… My hat is still off to whoever-you-are-out-there.) (Ton?)

Very good news. i vill study the IPO cuve little bit more

Thank you.

I have made a mistace in the middle of the flaps moving. i try to change frame settings, but when I press Alt A the old sett up run the bone.

Can you advice me how to cancel and start from beginning. Alt G -R dont work.

Thank you.


Flip_Box.blend (180 KB)

You can delete keyframes in the IPO window. If you want to start your animation over from scratch, just select the bones one at a time, go into their IPO window and delete all of the curves.

Asano, thank you, very good to know.

This time I have trubble with video. There is no video in my document file after I have animate my Flap box.

I have made this many times before, why isnt working this time.

Can you tak a look att the file and give me som advice.

Thank you.


Flap.Box_Blend.blend (184 KB)

In the render buttons under the output pannel, choose the file destination. Then when you want to render out the video file, press the big ANIM button. If you just go to the render menu and click on render animation, it will not create a file.

God morning Asano.

Yes I always press the file destination. Blender manual say: You only need to use tmp/… blender putin in the rest automaticly …1001_ 362.mov

Yes this time it happen, but not always.

I always press Anim button, nothing els.

I have never use render button I press F12

I doing what I supose to do, but still no video file in my document map.

Evert time before, the videos ar ceept in that map.


Thank you