flash ninja

(gargola) #1

for those of you who played flash ninja,i changed the hair of the ninja…look.



(saluk) #2

Nice, if I remember right, that ponytail wasn’t even there before. Just check and make sure you aren’t using too many polygons for the hair, because eventually your environments might get pretty high-poly.

At least I hope they do :slight_smile:

Good luck.

(gargola) #3

it’s ok,only 192 on the head only. :-?

(S_W) #4

Looks great! Can’t wait for some new missions! :wink:

(gargola) #5

i’m working on it! :slight_smile:

(rep-re-crea) #6

wow!..not bad gargola!..i like the town kinda feel with all the villigers and houses, you could do with speeding him up though!
the ponytail looks exellent!..and a good amount of polygons to go with it!
keep it up!

(gargola) #7

ok,i uploaded a new version of the Flash Ninja on my page,now he has the ponytail and i added some monsters on the field,more trees and mountains and the estructure for the next town.feel free to download it and to tell me what you think about the monsters. :slight_smile:

(rep-re-crea) #8

hey nice one!..the games great…im glad you changed the boulder that had the key under it…it was hard to get the first time.
can’t find anything wrong with it either.
could you suggest a good web page provider? cos im stuck on finding one good enough.
nice work, can’t wait for some missions!

(gargola) #9

well,the server i’m using is very good,unlimited space,no files restrictions(some servers don’t let you upload .blend files),no file size restrictions either(some servers don’t let upload files bigger than 2mb or less)i think it’s fast enough,never been down since i made my page,no annoying adds…and the best of all it’s free!!! LOL he he! :wink: but the only bad thing is that it’s a spanish server,don’t knowif they got one in english,you got to find out.here is the link anyway: http://www.gratisweb.com/ go check it out! :slight_smile:

ps: thanx guys for your nice comments :slight_smile:

(rep-re-crea) #10

Thanks gargola!
Im gonna check it out and see if its understandible! :-?
If not im gonna have to learn spanish!
Until then i have my temperary little website goin.


(gargola) #11

cool! your page looks great! if you need help with something you don’t understand in spanish,just let me know and i’ll help you. :slight_smile:

ps: i forgot,and as you see above,the server allows image linking!!! :slight_smile:

(saluk) #12

It seems to be coming along pretty well Gargola, it’s shaping into a rather nice game. The enemies are cool, although they could do with some ai. (Heh, good luck with that though :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) The terrain could also have variying levels which would make walking long distances just a little bit more interesting.

Keep it coming.

I’ll try to get to work on me level editor/savegamesystem/giantworldthingy/othercoolthingies system thingamajig, but it’s taking a lot longer than I had hoped. Looking like at least 2 months or more.

(Pooba) #13

Flash Ninja looks pretty good, but what’s up with the rock? I hit it, but nothing happened :frowning: . also, you really got to speed him up, he’s way too slow :x . Also, work on the animation, he looks really funky when he walks.

Wow! That’s one nice free site, i figured out most of it and got a site there, some of it using www.spanishdict.com :stuck_out_tongue: .
Though i haven’t figured it out fully.


(gargola) #14

Pooba: if you need any help with the spanish,just tell me. :slight_smile:

(gargola) #15

and who told you it’s supposed to make something when you hit the rock?

(saluk) #16

The insert/0 key on the keypad is how you attack. If it will help.

SOrry to spoil the surprise gargola:)

(gargola) #17

he he! :wink: