Took a break from my Advanced 3d and Sculpting course at school to do this little project. Spent about the total of a day on it, seeing as I decided to go back and fix some bad geometry and re-model some things, then spent awhile tuning the textures till I got what I wanted.

This is the modern day cartoon version of The Flash popularized by current Justice League and various DC Comics cartoons. Extremely happy with how this one turned out and am thinking of maybe even getting it printed to have my own little personal maquette of.

Great model, it would be cool to see him rigged and posed.

Might do that at a later time, but for now with my heavy class load he will stand as just a maquette. I do hope to come back to it though and pose him in the classic Flash run pose.

Nice! The shoulder doesn’t look quite right though, the arms look a little “stuck on”… Because the clavicle and lower edge of the pectoral are defined I’m expecting to see some sign of the deltoid as well, however as this area is just flat colour it gives the appearance of the chest wrapping into the shoulder, which is anatomically funky…

I’m not explaining this very well, so here’s a quick sketch of the original next to what I’m expecting to see:

I appreciate it’s a cartoon character, but that’s throwing me out. This link shows a pretty simplified shoulder anatomy:

A bit more definition between the chest and the shoulder and this will go from pretty good to pretty awesome.


Definitely understand what you’re saying. It is something that bugged me as well but just wasn’t happening with following the lines and anatomy of the cartoon drawings. The cartoon colors don’t really follow the nooks and crannies of the anatomy so there was never any clear definition between the pectoral and the deltoid that I could see, but I agree now in seeing a modified version that it does make it look a lot better. I might go back to this and add some definition in that area, as well as define the shoulder muscle a bit more as well. Towards the end I did kind of stop following the restrictive lines of the concept drawings and start following basic anatomy rules anyhow.
Great critique and nice to see a clearly defined example. Thanks!

Here’s the fixes to the muscular definition I’ve made thus far. As you can see the right side is fixed but the left side is not, so I could kind of give myself a visual comparison and contrast while I worked. Let me know if you think this is better or worse. Altered the pectoral muscles and clavicle definition, defined the deltoid overall, and added definition for the biceps and triceps.

The modelling is great, but textures/materials are quite simple, you should try some SSS.

Both the suit and the facial skin have SSS applied. Trying to keep the material simplified to retain the cartoonish look of heavy primary colors and low shading detail.

really nice model :slight_smile: love the style here :wink:

Nice work on the anatomy. Great renders.

So after fixing the detail in the shoulder I kept looking at this thinking there was a lot more detail going on with the chest and arms than there was everywhere else. It kept nagging at me to the point that I said to hell with college deadlines, loaded up ZBrush and exported the Flash model to begin sculpting (I’m just more comfortable with ZBrush still than I am with Blender’s new sculpt tools)…and thus, here is where Flash is now. I’m gonna have to re-texture him after I do a proper UV unwrap, but I’m much happier now with the model itself.

Granted, he’s lost his inherently simplified cartoonish look, but this has taken a new direction for me and what was a simple deviation project has turned into a full fledged obsession.

Wow… That has kicked it up a couple of notches IMHO! Am now digging it very much. Good work Sir.

Alright, the final muscle detail sculpt, altered the face a lot, sculpted the hands, fixed the shoulders and totally re-sculpted the back detail, fixed the hard edged triceps as well…from here I’m going to go into the finer details, wrinkles, veins, assymetry features.

Very impressive musculature :slight_smile:

Thanks…I’m still having some issues getting the detail I want in the legs…but with sticking to the cartoon proportions it’s a bit hard to get too much going on there, think I need to throw a couple more edge loops in.