Flashlight - Beginner

Okay real beginner here guys. I started trying to learn to use blender about a week ago. I’ve followed some tutorials to get introduced to the very basics of the software. Out of the few things I’ve tried to create on my own this is the one that I think came out the best. Obviously everything I’ve seen on here so far is awesome by comparison but I’m looking for pointers and advice on ways to get better.

And here are two renders of the flashlight on. One with the beam wide and one focused.

Very cool! Not bad for a begginer :slight_smile:

Pointers and advice on how to get better. Hmmm

Welcome to BlenderArtists. Your first object is pretty good. If you want to improve, take on something more challenging, say, a stapler or a lawn mower. If you run into problems, come back for some advice. You’re off to a good start.

PS: you’ll get better advice if we know a bit more about what you are planning to do with Blender. Cars? People? Games? Animation? Realistic? Landscapes? What is your fancy?

Thanks for the kind words! I really am enjoying blender so far. I’m leaning towards realistic furniture/household objects at the moment.
But I am about to start a project as a gift that I want to give someone that will be an old wooden Chris Craft boat. So I would love some pointers on getting a grasp on good wood textures.