What would be the best way to make a flashlight in the GE? I tried a normal spot light, but it only works if the wall is subdivided a lot.

The new GLSL stuff does it really well. No subdividing needed.

Heres a demo (below), youll need one of the latest apricot builds for graphicall.org. I used version 15939.

Test_Light_GLSL.blend (338 KB)

Ok so just download a custom buils and I can make a haunted house? Cool thanks.

Yeh pretty much. The official release will be 2.48 in early october.

Now to set up a torch light like in my demo you just need to activate GLSL in the top game menu. The add a spotlight and make sure to activate buffer shadow. Then make sure all objects have a blender material assigned to them, so they can pick up the light for the torch.

Ok cool thanks a lot.